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Boi's Season Preview

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So, here we are, looking down the barrel of another season in the trenches at Rodney Parade. I confess to being in a slightly negative frame of mind which isn’t ideal when writing a preview of the season but here goes;

Let’s get the welcomes out of the way first and say hello to the Joneses. Lyn joins us from London Welsh for which he did a fine job with at one stage during the season it looked increasingly likely that he’d keep them up. But he didn’t. Lyn was with us before for a short period before going off to some kind of job at a school in the middle east, not really sure what could have attracted him there? and it has to be said that during his previous tenure at the Dragons we did play better than we had, so I’m looking forward to more of that. I hear that the Dragons are being put through their paces like never before in pre-season training, more good news. In fact, it’s good enough news for me to forgive Lyn for wearing an Ospreys tie when his appointment was announced on the television. Good one Lyn, loving the sense of humour and or lack of a wardrobe.

Welcome also to Kingsley, a fine player with lots of Gwent pedigree and I guess he’s itching to make his mark on the domestic training front. May I echo Beale’s comments and state “we are very grateful to the Russian Union” Not a phrase you hear very often.

Now onto the players, a big welcome goes out to Richie Rees, Kris Burton and Talei, Chaparro, Muller Lite and Rhys Thomas, seriously lads, if you play to your potential you could be loved like you’ve never been loved before. The very best of luck to you all, just don’t leave anything out on the field like previous new recruits.

As you know, Jason Mason is back with us. So welcome home. As far as I can tell you’ve roundly been forgiven for treating us quite shabbily and running off to our archest rivals so I kind of figure you owe us one. If you play for us like you can, we can go places, so over to you Jase. Oh, and if I may be brutally honest. Too many tweets makes for a “t**t”

Challenged Cup:

It all hinges on beating Bath at home and not conceding a bonus point to them at the Rec, it’s a good away trip so if you can make it you should. The trip to Bordeaux is also recommended, it’s a beautiful place with the best food in France. And the cheapest wine.

LV Cup:

So long as we beat the Scarlets, I don’t care.

RABO Direct Pro 12 League.

Let’s be honest, we’ve been utterly rubbish for the best part of the decade now and the fans deserve a lot better. With a lot of new faces and a new coaching team it may take a while to click but think finishing 7th or higher and the 3rd best region has to be the lowest we’ll accept. We have to beat the Blues at home this year, we have to, got that?

Well Done Boys

A big well done the young Dragons at the U20 World Cup, Hallam Amos, Jack Dixon, Ieuan Jones and hooker Elliot Dee were fantastic. Well done again.
Lastly, a shout out for Dan Lydiate and Toby F for their performances for the British and Irish Lions, you were immense.