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Dragged Up: Cheers Paul! The Unofficial Fansite of the Newport Gwent Dragons
Feb 11, 10:56 PM

Cheers Paul!

Filed under:Dragons by nick

It’s with regret we learnt today of the departure of our head coach, Paul Turner, from the side, by mutual consent. Paul has been with the drags for 6 years as head coach, and previously spent much of his career with clubs in the region, including Newbridge, Crumlin, Poola and most notably Newport. He has been a passionate advocate for Gwent Rugby during his time here, and worked tirelessly to try and make the drags something we can all be proud of.
He has been outspoken, at times, but in an era of bland soundbites this has been refreshing. It is heartening, as a supporter, to see that those at the top of the organisation feel the highs and lows of the game every bit as deeply as those of us who spend our money and time to stand on a rain swept terrace. In Paul’s case, probably more so.
He has also been a great supporter of this site, giving up his time to speak to us,and explain his reasons for making decisions that have sometimes left us puzzled – if we ever had a question, he was there with an answer, if he could. we might not like the answer, but we at least got one. For that we should thank him.
Best wishes, Paul, and thanks for everything.

the dragged up team.

2 Comments for Cheers Paul!

  1. Spot on nick.

    Absoloutley spot on , could not have put it better – i know this , as I tried.

    Regardless of your own opinion of Paul as a rugby coach, and we all have one , he’s a great bloke who has no heirs and graces about him , what you see is what you get – a fine quality imo.

    Comment by Dai on Feb 11, 11:34 PM #

  2. Here Here he was a goodun alright, good luck Paul dont be a stranger :)

    Comment by Gunnersmis on Feb 12, 11:09 PM #